About the Artist

My artwork is concentrated in photography, and it is reflective of social issues. I do photography because I see it as the medium that best allows me to connect with people who likes beautiful images and people who is identified with current social problems. I mainly produce candid portraits, landscape photography and architectural photography. My focus on portraits is to show unknown people doing things they normally do without modeling; to me, a portrait is more genuine or real when the subject is not posing. Through my landscapes, I show my audience the beauty of places where civilization has not made its mark yet. My architectural photography is aimed to share important structures made and preserved by different cultures around the world.


My portrait photography makes the viewers reflect on the backgrounds and the things the subjects normally do to survive poverty. My landscapes are reflective thoughts about mother nature’s conservation; they allow viewers to appreciate magnificent natural places and it invite them to reflect about how indiscriminate humans’ actions, such as deforestation and pollution, are destroying our natural resources. My architectural photography shows the viewer the importance of monuments and the importance to learn to preserve them.


Most of my portrait photography printed in black and white; while my landscapes and monuments works are printed in color. I prefer to print my photographs in small and medium scale; most of my pictures are 11X16 inches and 16X20 inches. Most of my art is printed on photographic paper. Due to its versatility and convenience, I photograph with a digital camera; although, I began photography with a conventional film camera. My pictures are retouched in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop before they are printed.